We dabble…

So on Sunday Kerri will be participating in her first powerlifting meet. She will go for a PR in the deadlift, the bench, and the squat. I see this as a great example of what FFT is all about, being able to be strong while functional. Our training hasn’t changed at all since she signed up, we still lift heavy only once a week. Outside of that, it’s all bodyweight/gymnastic movements. On most weeks we concentrate on the squat and might do some deadlift work afterwards. Anyways, as the meet lies just 4 days away, we thought it would be good to spend some time on the deadlift tonight so that Kerri has a good idea what to shoot for come Sunday morning. After warming up we began some work sets and after Kerri pulled 225 with ease, we decided to go for 245. This was the result:

Now Kerri weighs about 160 lbs, depending on the scale, and doing the math this puts her deadlift at 1.53 times bodyweight. Looking back on some notes from Martin Berkhan’s site, he said that one parameter for an advanced female trainee is a 1.7 times bodyweight deadlift. That would be 272 lbs for Kerri, not too much above where she is now. In the words of Robb Wolf, she’s a good lil’ athlete. Not too bad considering we don’t focus much on heavy lifts outside of the squat. It must be all that bodyweight stuff. Man, Ido Portal really know his stuff.

P.S. I know that Kerri’s form may not be perfect but as she’s going for a PR and she feels no pain/strain in her lower back, I feel comfortable with it. While we usually train with a flat back and back off on the weights to make sure of it, I have trained Kerri long enough to know that she is in a safe position here.

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