Class Recap – Wednesday Sept. 22, 2010

Class on Wednesday was used as a day to sit back and figure out why the heck we train. Before our discussion though, we all rotated through and got some good accessory work done.

2 sets to failure of:
Standing Barbell Press
Pendlay Row
Body Row on Rings

Now, coming back to the discussion, I told everyone prior to class to think about the three main goals they have for themselves in regards to fitness and nutrition. I did this for two main reasons:
1. If you know why you are training and what you are training for, it makes your time at the gym and outside of the gym more meaningful rather than just going to the gym because you feel you should or eating real food over processed because it’s probably better for you. By thinking about and then actually talking about your goals, you are forced to realize what motivates you. This is very important.

2. If I know what you are shooting for, then I know how to program class as the workouts for an athlete that wants to go to the Crossfit Games are much different from the athlete that wants to be pull two-times their bodyweight in the deadlift and look good on the beach at the same time. All while managing a full-time job, family obligations, lack of sleep, and oh yeah, eating right.

After everyone had their chance to talk, it became clear that we were all pretty much on the same page. Everyone desired a more toned/lean look while improving some aspect of their performance. Increasing strength was the primary goal of most and multiple athletes also expressed a desire to run a 5/10K or even the Boston Marathon.

From these discussions, I got confirmation of what I was thinking. Most people that I encounter want to be more fit and healthy while actually looking the part as well. Not many express a desire to break records in performance or to get super-lean. A middle of the road approach seems to be the norm and that is pretty much what FFT is all about. Increasing your ability to do whatever it is that you want to do, while maintaining a focus on your health and longevity.

More to come on some of these topics later on. Thank you to everyone that participated, I think we all got something out of it.

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