Class Recap – Sunday Sept. 26, 2010

Sunday was another general work day as we continue to switch between strength days (squat or deadlift) and non-strength days. In the last couple of non-strength sessions, we have been consistently working on the Shoulder Press, the Pendlay Row, and Ring Body Rows. These movements will help out your deadlifts and squats while also improving your pull-up strength. After two rounds to failure on each movement for everyone, we moved on to a met-con that was similar to Saturday’s.

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
Group 1: Push Press, 10 reps
Plank Knee Drives
Group 2: Run 40 yards and back
Plank Hold

This workout was fun because it was done in teams. Each team had to get 10 reps per person on the push press before they could progress to the second group of movements. If you weren’t the one pressing, you were doing knee drives until it was either your turn to press or it was time to run. In the second part of the workout, both teammates ran 20 yards at which one would drop down into a plank and hold it until their other teammate ran the other 20 yards and back, to where both would run back to the start together. That may sound confusing but it wasn’t too bad once we got going. I like throwing in workouts like this often because working out as part of a team brings a much different dynamic as opposed to working out against just yourself. Everyone still got a bunch of work done, all while encouragement was rampant (doing plank knee drives for a long time gives you a lot of incentive to make sure your teammate gets their presses done ASAP).

Lastly I am in the process of ordering FFT t-shirts! I’m hopeful that they will be here in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your input and encouragement, it’s truly a cool feeling to know that you guys want to represent FFT. I love training and coaching and it’s really gratifying to see you enjoy class. I’ll do my best to keep it up!

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One Response to Class Recap – Sunday Sept. 26, 2010

  1. Sho'Nuff says:

    First come the t-shirts, then soon the tattoos will follow…..

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