Class Recap – Sunday Sept. 19, 2010

Today was a non-deadlift/squat day for the class and we ended up working on running, overhead weights, and pressing strength. To start the class, I talked about a good video I saw over at where some of the more technical aspects of running were discussed. Two parts that I focused on in particular were the angle of the leg while pulling and how much vertical distance is covered on each stride. There is a lot within just those two parts but simply said, try to make your running as effortless as possible.

After a brief stretch, we went into working on dumbbell overhead squats. With a review of this skill and once everyone had a chance to get comfortable with OH squats, we went into the first workout of the class.

WOD 1 – 3 rounds, with a focus on form and not intensity, of:

DB Complex*, 3 per arm

Run from Building to Grass and Back

*Deadlift, Swing, Power Clean, Push Press, OH Squat

With only a little bit of time to recover, it wasn’t long before we went right into the second workout of the class. While this was not a pure strength workout, it still gave the upper body a good thrashing.

WOD 2 – max rep Bench Press right into max rep Push-Up, 3 rounds

This was organized as the second athlete would start their bench set as soon as the first athlete was done with their bench and starting their push-ups. Therefore each athlete was provided some time in between sets but not too much.

Athlete, round(bench weight) – bench reps/push-up reps

Ann, 1(75) – 5/12, 2(60) – 18/5, 3(45) – 21/2

Kerri, 1(80) – 6/7, 2(65) – 14/6, 3(45) – 18/7

Matt, 1(195) – 7/12, 2(150) – 12/10, 3(110) – 10/8

Mark, 2(235) – 8/10, 2(180) – 12/10, 3(130) – 13/6

After this, everyone was spent but not destroyed. With another class coming tomorrow, deadlifts nonetheless, this is the type of feeling that I was shooting for. Good work everyone. See you tomorrow night at 6:30 pm.

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